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Since 2012 I have been publishing Tiny House Magazine allowing dozens of voice in the tiny house community to be heard. We have brought so many wonderful stories to life and shared so many stunning images. Truth is, there is no reason to keep it to ourselves. That is why for a limited time you can share the magazine with your family and friends. Until January 1, 2018, we are offering 20% off a gift subscription. It is a great deal and yet another way to give something more than a boring necktie or a gift card to the local box store. Just click on the red BUY NOW button and follow the screen prompts.

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With 70 to 90 pages and with 80% original content just for the Tiny House Magazine.


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Each issue is in PDF format so you can download and read it onto any device with a PDF reader. Take it with you anywhere!


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#1 Tiny House Publication 

Published for almost 5 years and the number one Tiny House Publication.

Learn about the Tiny House Lifestyle

Living tiny opens up the ability to change your lifestyle. To be able to travel and explore new career opportunities and other life changes.

Living tiny makes it easier to cut down your costs so that you can live on less. This opens up the opportunity for many to follow their dream and start a business.

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Fantastic Resource, Tips, and Tools

If you’re interested in tiny homes, subscribe to the Tiny House Magazine. It’s a fantastic resource filled with tips, tools, and amazing stories! Each issue is inspiring.

TAMMY STROBEL  //  Writer/Photographer

Fresh, Original and Interesting Content

Tiny House Magazine is one of the top resources for fresh, original and interesting content within The Tiny House Community.

STEVEN HARRELL  //  Tiny House Listings

KENT GRISWOLD  //  Publisher

My name is Kent Griswold and I have been publishing the Tiny House Blog since 2007 and the Tiny House Magazine since 2013.

When I'm not researching and sharing tiny houses I enjoy hiking, snow shoeing, and nature photography.

Kent Griswold

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Tiny House Magazine is my favorite!

I love Tiny House Magazine! While there are several tiny house related publications filling my InBox each day, THM remains my favorite. It's proven to be reliable content month after month, and I always learn something. For me, it's one of my "go-to" sources for what's happening in the tiny house world.

BA NORRGARD  //  Tiny House Builder/Speaker

Beautiful homes and stories...

My love for the tiny house community was fostered in-part by the Tiny House Magazine. Focused on both the beautiful homes in the scene as well as the stories behind them, THM is a dynamic addition to the already incredible modern tiny house movement.

ANDREW ODOM  //  Writer/Blogger/Speaker

Best stories, builders from real people...

No matter what you see on the tiny house television shows, there is no way you can know what tiny living is all about unless you learn about it first hand from real people. The Tiny House Magazine gives you true stories and an intimate look into the tiny house owners, builders, and experienced old hands who have truly lived and breathed the tiny life.

CHRISTINA NELLEMANN  //  Graphic Artist/Writer

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Purchase now and get the latest issue right now and  each new issue as it comes out around the 15th of each month for the next 12 months. Don't miss out on the SPECIAL 20% OFF Discount!

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