Issue 101 - Tiny House Magazine

Issue 101

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  1. Tiny Living Throwdown
    Join the Tiny Living NC group in Efland, NC for a two-day hands-on workshop to benefit a very special family in the modern tiny house movement.
  2. The Day Jack Nicholson Came To Visit.
    There's a scene in the movie As Good as It Gets that reminds me of some of the tiny houses I've seen online. In it, Melvin Udall (Jack Nicholson) is an obsessive-compulsive writer, and when he sees the contents of a suitcase efficiently filled by his artist neighbor Simon (Greg Kinnear), he nods approvingly and says, Good packin.
  3. Curating or uncluttering? KonMari or feng shui?
    Author Susan Schaefer unravels the mystery of downsizing. Do you control your clutter or does it control you? Learn more about consumer clutter and finding joy in your junk.
  4. Hello House - The Future of Design is Community.
    The small town of Clarkston, Georgia, sits about 11 miles to the east of Atlanta. It's a community known for inclusion, diversity, and, now, tiny homes.
  5. Toilet Time - Building Out A Bathroom In The Tiny House
    What goes into designing a tiny house bathroom? Is it form before function or a little bit of both Explore the space you spend a great deal of time in but not enough time planning out.