Issue 102 - Tiny House Magazine

Issue 102

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  1. A Movable Shoe Closet - One Heart, Two Feet
    New contributor Susan Joslyn shares how her most particular shoes made the downsizing cut. Find out which pairs and why.
  2. Dispelling The Myth Of The Tiny House
    While tiny home enthusiasts are some of the most well-researched home buyers on the market, some still fall short when it comes to the necessities for boondocking with their tiny house.
  3. The House Stands Firm
    Tiny House Ministries has been building custom tiny houses as a ministry for a couple of years and continues to create homes for those in need.
  4. Relentless Proximity: A Love Story For Tiny Spaces
    As we outfit our old SUV for camping and make plans to spend the summer in a yurt, I'm realizing that relationships are their own tiny space. They can feel claustrophobic, yes. But they can also feel expansive. The best are a structure built on trust and function and sustainability.
  5. It's Getting Hot in Here
    Regular contributor Brenda Mason Parmelee shares how she and her husband stay cool in their stationary bus home even though they have no air conditioning.