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Issue 103

Tiny House Magazine Issue 103

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  1. Building vs. Rehabbing
    We sit across the table from the realtor and sign the contract. We're really going to do it. Sell nearly everything we own and head West to start a new life as retirees.
  2. Making (it) Home
    While tiny home enthusiasts are some of the most well-researched home buyers on the market, some still fall short when it comes to the necessities for boondocking with their tiny house.
  3. From Katy, With Love
    There is nothing quite so funny as a good fiction piece about the tiny life. Anita Brienza takes us on a fun adventure with Katy.
  4. Novelty Or Reality
    During the line standing it was interesting to hear the many onlookers talk about the freedom living in a smaller home would give them, only to thwart themselves with "but what would I do with all my stuff?".
  5. Hand Holds and Whiskey Shots
    The modern tiny house movement is not full of houses. It is full of homes, perfectly customized to suit the homeowner's life. Just ask Ben Brown about his custom tiny house on wheels.