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Issue 104

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  1. 50 Shades of White
    This isn't about a new form of physical intimacy but rather the confusion and desperation that can often come from painting your walls just white. Homeowner Laura LaVoie has danced in that tangled web.
  2. The Sports Life
    Working remotely lends itself to van travel. With a hot spot, the only thing to worry about is to ensure network coverage during working hours. house.
  3. A Leave-no-Trace Death for the Earth
    Have you ever thought about what will happen to your body upon passing? Will your body's disposal contradict your lifetime convictions?
  4. To Declutter Faster, Identify What You Need
    During the line standing it was interesting to hear the many onlookers talk about the freedom living in a smaller home would give them, only to thwart themselves with "but what would I do with all my stuff?".
  5. Living the Glam Life in an Ambulance Conversion
    Surely we have all thought about converting an ambulance into a very cool tiny house on wheels. Author Tamara MC did just that!