Issue 107 - Tiny House Magazine

Issue 107

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A few pages from this Issue


  1. The Van Man
    Since he burst onto the scene Chris Strathy - the Capable Carpenter - has introduced offices made of doors, converted bread trucks, and now a work van. He has officially become The Van Man!
  2. Tiny Home Big Demand
    We at Simple Life are helping blaze the trail because there is actually no official zoning for tiny home communities.
  3. Neglecting Land. Neglecting Life.
    When we last visited our tiny homes well, it was more of a run in/run out we literally closed our eyes before entering.
  4. Keep Your Eyes Out - Korallus Tiny Homes
    Korallus Tiny Homes is building two matching tiny houses at the same time. They have agreed to let Tiny House Magazine come along for the ride.
  5. Know Your Role
    Each person on a tiny house team has a role to play. Author Jilan Wise dissects who does what and when.