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Issue 109

Tiny House Magazine Issue 109

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  1. Getting A Good Deal
    Writer and tiny house advocate Macy Miller talks about her experience finding construction deals and how that translates to today's market.
  2. Why We All Must Help - 10 Actionable Steps to Counter the Climate Crisis
    Can a shed be a home? Can a boat be a home? What is and what isn't a home? Find out more in this article.
  3. Making A Shed A Home
    Aero Build in Nashville, TN has elevated retro campers from tin can overnighters to Top Notch Mobile Pubs and Retail Spaces. They are a sight to see!
  4. Stories From a Former Tiny House Dweller
    We built the Tiny Tack House back in 2011, but before purchasing land to park the house on and begin renting it out for nightly stays, we lived in our tiny house happily for four years. Our intention was always to live in our tiny house, but home ownership can come at a cost in other ways.
  5. Staying Positive while Facing an Uncertain Future
    Are you wondering how you can keep a fresh outlook on life during these uncertain times? Leave it to author Laura M. LaVoie to give sound advice for doing just such a thing.