Issue 114 - Tiny House Magazine

Issue 114

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  1. Having More With Less
    Regular contributor (and tiny house personality) Brenda Mason Parmelee realized traveling and speaking had gotten expensive. So she took her own advice, threw convention to the wind, and rented a makeshift van conversion!
  2. The Island Cove Community
    We don't cover tiny house communities quite enough. That changes this month with a look inside the Colorado community that offers 69 lots for tiny houses of all types.
  3. Metal Roof Or Shingled Roof
    What is better? Why? What are the pros and cons of each? Author Jeffrey Walters takes an inside look at multiple roofing options.
  4. Unfiltered Honesty Of Bus Life
    Online skoolie personality Dorit Liss writes about why she is remodeling her skoolie a second time and basically starting the conversion all over. This is a great article of cautionary tales and solid advice!