Issue 115 - Tiny House Magazine

Issue 115

Tiny House Magazine Issue 115

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A few pages from this Issue


  1. A Tiny Home Development in Paradise
    Are you curious to know about the newest tiny home community? Starting this month is a series by Jilan Wise regarding her new adventure in Ojai, California.
  2. Going Back For More
    Perch & Nest is back at it creating yet another amazing tiny house on wheels. You'e got to see this one!
  3. Keeping Your Cool
    Remember when the summer sun was kept at bay by handheld fans, tall glasses of sweet tea, and a dip in the lake? Reminisce with author Brenda Mason Parmelee.
  4. 14 Reasons I've Been Able to Sustain Minimalism for 14 Years
    14 years ago Joshua Becker discovered minimalism and his life has never been the same. Read about 14 things that have kept him motivated to strive for less through the years.

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