Issue 12 - Tiny House Magazine

Issue 12

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  1. Fully Plumbed Treehouse and Tree-cabin in Oregon
    Phil says: We are a Bed and Breakfast located in Southern Oregon, near the Redwood Forest, the Oregon Caves, the beautiful coastline, and many other notable locals.
  2. Storm Kettles: A Tiny, Alternative Stove
    Storm kettles, also known as kelly kettles or volcano kettles are two-walled, portable cooking devices that boil water with fire made with small twigs and other combustible materials.
  3. Treading Tiny
    The comical, real adventures of two into living a tiny bit lighter.
  4. Simple Living. The Earlier, the Better.
    We spent countless hours cleaning, sorting, organizing, repairing, replacing, removing, and maintaining our physical possessions.
  5. Deciding How to Decide
    How to deal with overwhelming decisions in tiny house design.