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Issue 120

Tiny House Magazine Issue 120

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  1. 12 Simple Ways to Create Good on the Internet
    A gift giver's guide that includes tiny house items you may not have thought of or been able to find. Curated by Johanna Elsner of Perch & Nest.
  2. Micro Village III
    There's a new village in town. Situated in Fayetteville, GA, this multi-family hamlet is on a small scale with big style.
  3. Where Does The Time Go?
    It's a question we all ask ourselves but one that rarely has a black and white answer. Frequent contributor Danelle Campos gives her answer.
  4. Unconventional Holiday Movies to Stream From Your Tiny Home This Holiday Season
    Die Hard? Gremlins? Scrooged? What do you consider a not-so-likely movie to binge on this holiday season? Let author Laura LaVoie help you.