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Issue 122

Tiny House Magazine Issue 122

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  1. Have You Ever Touched A Power Tool?
    Are you nervous about using tools to build your tiny house? If author Laura LaVoie can, you can too.
  2. It’s A Marathon Not A Sprint
    Self-publishing allows us all to be the masters of our own words. Author Laura LaVoie knows that very well.
  3. PDI (Pre Delivery Inspection) or PIA
    Chris Strathy continue to explore and explain the ins and outs of RV/tiny house purchasing.
  4. Building A Brand One Betty At A Time
    As soon as I started telling people that I was building a tiny house, the reaction I got was so positive that I knew there was an opportunity to turn this into something bigger than just building a home for myself, and of course I needed help.
  5. Backup Your Backup
    How do you plan for outages, short supplies, and natural disasters?