Issue 127 - Tiny House Magazine

Issue 127

Tiny House Magazine Issue 127

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  1. Caption This
    What has happened to the written word? Are YouTube and Instagram now a real authority? Is there validity in the caption-happy shorts on new media?
  2. Why Is Your Doorway So Big?
    Have you ever thought about what happens as a tiny house dweller ages? Does the house age with them or are there retroactive changes that need to take place?
  3. Unwell in the Tiny House
    It’s one thing to get sick. It is quite another to become ill when living in a tiny house. Follow along as author Laura LaVoie talks about sick and tiny.
  4. Summertime
    It’s hot. It’s messy. It’s sweaty. And it has consumed your tiny house lifestyle. Explore the notion of finding happiness under the summer sweat with writer Misty Mastracco.

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