Issue 14 - Tiny House Magazine

Issue 14

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  1. Salvaged Tiny Homestudio
    On a standard-sized lot in Portland, Oregon, self-taught builders Jeff and Brad built two tiny cottages using mostly salvaged materials.
  2. BIG LOVE in a Tiny House
    If there is too much space in our togetherness, we feel withdrawn, so we also share intentional time together.
  3. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness
    Redefining the American Dream - A home isn't defined by square footage or thirty year mortgages
  4. Rethink the Bottom Line. Rethink Business.
    Owning less is an exercise in freedom that brings significant impact into our work and our business.
  5. Going the Distance
    Since we are both self-employed  Eric is a photographer and I'm a photographers agent we can basically live anywhere.