Issue 20 - Tiny House Magazine

Issue 20

Tiny House Magazine Issue 20

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  1. Relocation Trepidation
    Moving a tiny house can be full of reservations and even fears.
  2. It Takes A Village
    opportUNITYvillage is exceeding expectations and giving a section chance to those who deserve it most.
  3. Can You Fit Your Life Into a Backpack?
    The idea of downsizing to just a backpack inspired us to consider extreme minimalism.
  4. Dordogne's Tiny Mud Home with Living Roof
    In a small forest in France's Dordogne, self-taught carpenter Menth built his home with a living roof and mud walls, plus handcarved wood from the surrounding forest.
  5. Shelter From The Storm
    I actually have a place to go when the storm warnings start being issued in our area to protect my family.