Issue 25 - Tiny House Magazine

Issue 25

Tiny House Magazine Issue 25

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  1. Bones of Steel. Heart of God.
    Sam Smith recounts his decision to build his own tiny house beginning with the frame.
  2. Shou Sugi Ban
    Who would have ever thought of burning wood in order to preserve it?
  3. A Walk In The Cloud
    Downsizing isn't always about just giving stuff to Goodwill or having a yard sale.
  4. Teardrop USA - Living the Good Life on the Road
    We'd taken quite a few little road trips and managed to be comfortable in a 2-door hatchback and a ten, so we figured a teardrop was an upgrade.
  5. 7 Tips to Help Keep Your Resolution to Declutter
    My hope is that your resolution to declutter will not fade away. But instead, that you and your family will enjoy all the benefits of owning less.