Issue 27 - Tiny House Magazine

Issue 27

Tiny House Magazine Issue 27

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  1. Almost Tiny House Living
    Are you preparing to roof your house but want something new on the market yet proven durable?
  2. A Tiny Home Companion
    Loft living isn't for everyone and for this couple a single level is ample space for a big life!
  3. HoloLens
    A small space does not mean you have to cut back on your pampering and luxurious bathroom area.
  4. Tiny Bathrooms
    Who knew there were so many things to look out for when buying and converting a bus?
  5. Life On The Road: Converted Budget Van
    At 25 years old, Robin Raindropcatcher had never owned a car and didn't have a driver's license, but he dreamed of turning a van into a mobile shelter.