Issue 3 - Tiny House Magazine

Issue 3

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  1. Mongolian Yurt the One Day Home
    Boyan's ger was made by Mongolians in Mongolia for the Dutch company Nooitmeerhaast (Dutch for Never Hurry) whose founders hope to promote this ancient art in Europe.
  2. Child's Play
    Austin Hay is a bit of a celebrity. At just 18 years old he has been building and now living in his Fencl tiny house in Sonoma County, CA since 2010.
  3. Small Scale Cooking 101
     Cooking in a tiny space is a big challenge. Fire safety, ventilation for carbon monoxide and moisture build-up are the primary concerns in small space cooking.
  4. Interview with Dan Louche of Tiny Home Builders
    Dan Louche is the owner of Tiny Home Builders. Tiny Home Builders was founded in 2009 when Dan built a tiny house for his mom, which she now lives in and loves.
  5. Living Large in the Peach Tree State
    It was an exciting, long awaited morning as the home rolled down back country curves and four lane highways.