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Issue 34

Tiny House Magazine Issue 34

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  1. A Basket Built For Two
    Have you ever wondered about that beautiful tiny house on Instagram that resembles a Japanese tea room? Well, wonder no more!
  2. Epic Failure
    Author Britany Felix talks about her financial renaissance and what it has taken to get to the point of the elusive financial freedom.
  3. Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Tiny?
    One of the most popular tiny house families shares their tale of determination and overcoming fear in regards to going tiny.
  4. Sheep Wagons as Classic Campervan
    Sheep wagons were once a common mobile home in the American West. These tiny structures (usually seven to eight feet wide and about 12 to 16 feet long) were used by sheep herders for months on end as they migrated across grazing land with their flocks.
  5. Off-Grid Solutions for Tiny Houses - Small Wood Stove
    Wood heat is an excellent off-grid heat source. Wood can be sustainably grown and harvested and there are many sources of free wood scraps to forage.