Issue 38 - Tiny House Magazine

Issue 38

Tiny House Magazine Issue 38

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  1. Julia Dreads
    YouTube has become not just a social media platform in recent years but a way to document life via rich media. Stars have been made including tiny house dweller Julia Dreads.
  2. Tiny Tech House
    Is there anything better than a house that responds to your every command? Proof is in the pudding and this article is sweet!
  3. The Secret Garden
    Who says tiny housers can't express their green thumb? We are opening the gate and exploring tips to create a beautiful, secret garden.
  4. Going Dutch: part 2
    The Netherlands are experiencing the growing pains the United States started undergoing back in 2009. This article outlines the Dutch desire for tiny living.
  5. RV and Park Living
    Why am I telling you about RV parks? Because since 2014, I have been living quite comfortably in one!