Issue 39 - Tiny House Magazine

Issue 39

Tiny House Magazine Issue 39

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  1. Blacksmith and the Beekeeper
    With a passion for lost art and natural chemistry these two tiny housers are building fast and making memories the entire way.
  2. The Air We Breathe
    Ever wonder what is floating through the air of your tiny house? Well this author did. He decided to purchase the Speck Sensor Air Quality Monitor. and then tell us about it.
  3. THLAB
    With all the workshops cropping up and books being written it feels like you can lose yourself in tinyness. This collaborative group recently formed to help you find your way out!
  4. The Heat Is On
    Even though winter is winding down across the nation it is never a bad time to think about new systems and new developments for tiny houses.
  5. Couple Records Work Life on Wheels
    The couple decided to buy a camper van (a 1992 Dodge Ram) and trick it out for long-term travel (solar, wifi antenna, extra batteries and a generator).