Issue 42 - Tiny House Magazine

Issue 42

Tiny House Magazine Issue 42

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  1. Beehives and Bungalows
    The bee population is in decline and folks like Jamie Dehner are out to save it. Learn more about the interesting relationship between a new style of bee house and tiny houses.
  2. Hot Off The Press
    Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell has authored an exciting new book about her life in 480 sq.ft. and how we can all move in that direction.
  3. My Beloved
    A constant topic in the tiny house community is how to convert a pre-fab barn into a lovely tiny house. This couple did it and is enjoying life without a mortgage.
  4. Five Minutes with Deek
    Andrew Odom sits down with tiny house eclectic Deek Diedricksen to talk about everything but tiny houses.
  5. A Simple Guide to Start Saving Money
    Money in savings provides a safety net for unexpected expenses. Saving money forces us to spend less than we make.