Issue 43 - Tiny House Magazine

Issue 43

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  1. Sizing Up the Tiny House Phenomena
    This OpEd by Andrew M. Odom speaks to the discrimination running rampant in the tiny house community.
  2. A Tiny Love Story
    Love is a many-splendored thing. In this case it's a woman's love for her tiny house and the riches it has brought her.
  3. The Case For Legalizing Tiny Homes
    There is no denying that author and researcher Emily Brown has done her homework on the plight of legalizing tiny homes in America. She discusses what works and what won't work.
  4. Take The Mic
    Have you ever wondered what goes into the presentation your favorite speaker gives? You'd be surprised!
  5. Caravan The Tiny House Hotel
    Even with tiny houses popping up all over the place, Caravan - The Tiny House Hotel still has the distinction of being the first tiny house hotel in the world.