Issue 44 - Tiny House Magazine

Issue 44

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  1. Good News Bus
    Shane Good, his wife and their seven children, are traveling around the country in a converted school bus named The Good News Bus.
  2. Five Minutes With Coles
    During the days of the Tiny House Jamboree Coles Whalen is nothing short of a rockstar. However, her rockstar status doesn't stop there.
  3. Freedom
    Rebecca Vader is preparing, along with her husband Kendall, to go even tinier than they are now. First they have some transitioning to undergo.
  4. The Upside of the Downsize
    Chrissy Bellmeyer is joining the Tiny House Magazine staff with her monthly tips on how to live a more impactful and purposeful life.
  5. Stories From a Tiny House Dweller
    Christopher and I recently had the wonderful opportunity to stay one incredible night in a not-so-common dwelling in the breathtaking, panoramic views of Chelan in Eastern Washington.