Issue 45 - Tiny House Magazine

Issue 45

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  1. Big Family Tiny Life
    The Mike family is like no other. They downsized their possessions but upsized their happiness. Their outlook on life is contagious and it shows.
  2. Gathered Together
    Van life and van camping are actually becoming more about van houses as more and more couples (and families) are finding happiness on the road in van conversions.
  3. Photo Love Bus
    Photo booths have been around for a long time. They are no longer restricted to the boardwalks of beachside towns though. Now they're on the go!
  4. And The Least Of These
    Ren Hardee shares an OpEd on speaking up at the local level and starting an overnight revolution!
  5. Big Easy's Shotgun: Cross-ventilated Narrow Houses Stay Cool
    We visited Lillian and her 400 square foot house in the Irish Channel neighborhood of New Orleans (home to many 19th century Irish, Italian and German immigrants).