Issue 46 - Tiny House Magazine

Issue 46

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  1. Crossing Lines
    Managing Editor Andrew M. Odom has a candid conversation about diversity and the issues facing the tiny house world with advocate and tiny house Jewel D. Pearson.
  2. Diversity Podcast
    The co-hosts of the Tiny House Podcast welcome the ladies of Tiny House Trailblazers to talk about the issues facing people of color in todays alternative housing world.
  3. Hot Off The Press
    Jennifer Meyer reviews Ryan Mitchell's latest book from the perspective of a non-tiny houser. Mitchell is the author of several other popular tiny house books.
  4. Of Time and Passage
    Visual artist Dominique Moody discusses the inspiration behind her NOMAD tiny house and the community it creates wherever it goes.
  5. Tiny House Moving Tips
    A pickup truck and tiny home on a trailer respond on the roadway nearly the same as a commercial truck and trailer combination.