Issue 47 - Tiny House Magazine

Issue 47

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  1. A New Perspective
    Tiny House Teacher Lora Higgins outlines some of the lessons she has learned since going tiny.
  2. Sculptures, Drawings, and a Murphy Bed
    Who says a New York apartment can't be a tiny house? When two artists inhabit a small space, big things can surely happen!
  3. Surviving The Storm
    Hurricane Matthew wreaked havoc on the east coast this past October. Its path was unexpected and it left a few tiny housers, like author Kristin Trickett, wondering if her house could survive the storm!
  4. Tiny House Hotelie
    Airbnb is a popular form of overnight lodging and a number of locations have become destinations rather than amenities. How do you make the transition though from tiny home to rental?
  5. Slow Boat To Tiny
    Who am I to dole out advice about following your tiny house dreams, when my own tiny house ambitions seem as far away as they've ever been?