Issue 48 - Tiny House Magazine

Issue 48

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  1. There's No Place Like (a tiny) Home For The Holidays
    Our favorite tiny space decorator shows us how we can turn our seemingly cramped quarters into a comfortable Yuletide retreat.
  2. 5 Minutes With Martin
    Martin Burlingame has defined the insurance game for tiny and non-traditional houses. With his emphasis on the structure as a living one, and his love for the modern tiny house movement, this candid interview proves Martin is more than just an insurance salesman.
  3. Let's Be Friends
    Can water, freezing temperatures, and water lines ever be friends? Perhaps so with the proper preparation.
  4. 3 Things To Think About
    Building and maintaining a personal brand can be a tricky endeavor. However, when you live tiny you may have a leg up in developing your brand. Author Erica Breuer walks us through the necessary steps.
  5. Aussie Couple Builds Off-grid Mobile Home with Two Containers
    Paul Chambers had began building a home out of two shipping containers as a project, but when his wife got tired of suburbia and put their four-bedroom home on the market, his project became the couple/s full-time home.