Issue 49 - Tiny House Magazine

Issue 49

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  1. I Quit!
    So many tiny housers talk about how to heat their homes, how to keep moisture down, and how to keep all systems in check. Sometimes the weather gets the best of us though and makes us run for the hills shouting, I quit!
  2. Being Part Of The Whole
    Author Emily Gerde often tells folks her family has been late to the tiny house game. Truth is, they are far, far ahead as they are now strong voices on the power of living small.
  3. What's Your Story?
    Coffee? Tiny house? Colorado landscape? Count us in!
  4. Great Basin Basques
    Today, in states like Idaho there are thousands of Basque Americans many of whose ancestors immigrated here a century ago to herd sheep. Henry Etcheverry is one of the last of the Basque sheepmen.
  5. Upper Valley Tiny Homes
    Mike Tveter, owner of Upper Valley Tiny Homes talks about his new designs, the elusive $10,000 tiny house and buyers remorse.