Issue 51 - Tiny House Magazine

Issue 51

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  1. Best Foot Forward
    The Tiny House Teacher, Lora Higgins, dishes it out on an authentic lifestyle in a tiny home where the dishes aren't always clean and the clothes aren't always put away!
  2. Five Tiny House Books
    Inspired by Deek Diedricksen's regular recommendations, this list covers books that inspire, represent, and educate.
  3. The Tiny Blue Devil
    It is always inspiring to read about high schoolers who are adopting the tiny house ethos and learning to construct on a smaller scale. This time we examine the tiny house build of South Lenoir High School in Deep Run, North Carolina.
  4. Cowboy Deano And The Zoning Handbook
    What happens when your friendly neighbor turns out to be the zoning sheriff? Kelly Rye shares what it's like to be told to get out of Dodge!
  5. Why I Bought A Used Trailer To Build My Tiny House OnAnd Don�t Regret It (Yet.)
    First and foremost, I'm always on the hunt for a good deal. A deal that will make me feel good, and have a story to tell.