Issue 52 - Tiny House Magazine

Issue 52

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  1. Nesting Again In A Tiny Perch
    Michelle Boyle is back to tell us where she is on her second tiny house build. How much money has she spent? What is the progress?
  2. What Is The Value Of A Small Home?
    Laura LaVoie has been involved with the modern tiny house movement for years. Her mountain tiny is one of the most popular images on the internet. But has she moved on and moved up?
  3. The Voice of the New American Dream
    Kenny P. appeared on this season of The Voice to showcase his passion. Along the way he showed America what it is like to pursue a new dream.
  4. Dan Phillips turns Backyard Scraps into Whimsical Texan Houses
    Transforming wine corks and bottle caps into flooring, cow bones into countertops, frame samples into ceilings and old deck boards into doors, Dan Phillips believes a second life is possible building refuse.
  5. 7 Pieces of Financial Advice That Forever Changed My Life
    Over the years, I've been blessed to have countless positive influences in my life. Their example and their wisdom have shaped me in every way including my financial practices.