Issue 53 - Tiny House Magazine

Issue 53

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  1. A Deadbolt, a Dog and a 9mm
    Security measures for your tiny house are a personal thing. Find out what Lora Higgins does to feel safe in her THOW.
  2. We Went All In
    Is the nomadic life for you? It isn't for everyone. Read about one husband and wife who found out it wasn't as glamorous as Instagram makes it.
  3. Le Bon Cafe
    The story behind the little cafe that could includes her recent popularity in eastern North Carolina.
  4. Shaccing Up
    Laura LaVoie has been involved with the modern tiny house movement for years. Find out about her involvement with the small home community in Asheville.
  5. Tiny House Appendix
    If you are interested in seeing tiny houses legalized as primary residences across the US, we would love your help!