Issue 55 - Tiny House Magazine

Issue 55

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  1. Easy Ways to Find a Tiny House Parking Spot
    Have you ever wondered just how and where you would park your tiny house? Have you built it and still aren't sure?
  2. A Place Of My Own
    Read about this beautiful small house in Asheville, NC that takes its cue from tiny house design.
  3. Between Two Worlds
    Regular contributor Laura M. LaVoie talks about her normal house and how it makes her feel about her tiny house.
  4. Modern Tiny Meets Classic Community
    A new tiny house community crops up and it brings an element of modernity not yet seen.until now!
  5. Recrafting Pioneer Tiny Homes in Iowa
    On his winter break he read a classified ad in the local paper placed by someone with an old log house they wanted to give away for free. Take it down or it'll be burned.