Issue 56 - Tiny House Magazine

Issue 56

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  1. 5 Tips For Your Tiny Kitchen
    The common thought is that if you live in a tiny house you can't have a proper kitchen. Author MJ Boyle is ready to dispute that fact.
  2. A Girl And Her Commander
    Jessy Muller was ready to change up her life and live more purposefully. To do so she purchased a vintage camper and became an on the road Commander!
  3. From The Essays
    Regular contributor Laura M. LaVoie shares an excerpt from her new book and shares the details of an intimate life with another.
  4. Inherit the Kingdom
    The Curtis Family recognized a problem in American society: homelessness. They drew from their faith to determine a way that even one family could make a difference.
  5. Reconsidering The Merits of Slow Acquisition
    I felt this social pressure to make a complete home from day one. To leave anything incomplete seemed somehow against a cultural norm.