Issue 59 - Tiny House Magazine

Issue 59

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  1. In Plain Sight
    Aaron Haack has built a stunning tiny house. But that is just the beginning. He is now the creator of some of Instagram's most popular adventure vans.
  2. The Good, The Bad, and The Toilet Paper
    What happens when you put a family who has never lived in a tiny house into an RV and asked them to share the experience?
  3. Tiny Living and Travel
    This month's article by Laura M. LaVoie discusses how living tiny allows her and her partner Matt to travel as frequently as they have always wanted.
  4. Dan the Adventure Bus
    Meet Jax Austin. He is a YouTube videographer, a nomad, an adventurer, and a great storyteller!
  5. Couple Makes Garage Home + Campervan a Consistent Life Combo
    Bryan and Jen Danger spend most nights on the road in their converted Sprinter van, but when they're back home in Portland, they sleep in their converted garage.