Issue 6 - Tiny House Magazine

Issue 6

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  1. Simple Living on a Narrowboat Home in West End London
    Emma's home is a narrowboat: boats so narrow they were built in the past few centuries to fit Britain's narrow canals (some are less than 7 feet wide).
  2. Rustic Modern Tiny House
    As a stand-alone house, the Rustic Modern Tiny House has its own street entrance and private gated front yard.
  3. Where Can You Park A Tiny House?
    This seems to be the most common question I get, Where can you park a tiny house?.
  4. Why were tiny houses built before?...and Why Build Tiny today?
    John Goff says that tiny houses have been with us here in America from its beginning.
  5. Big Moving with a Tiny House
    One of the biggest perks to living in a tiny house on wheels is that it can be moved.