Issue 60 - Tiny House Magazine

Issue 60

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  1. Where We'll Be Living?
    Tiny houses exist on land and water. Author Kristin Hanes has taken to living aboard her sailboat full-time and documenting the lives of tiny housers in all shapes, fashions, and forms.
  2. Tiny Transition Again
    Lora Horton Freeman has gone tiny and has now gone back to small. After recently getting married she is figuring out how to stay true to her personal convictions while living in a larger home with a bigger family.
  3. Taking The Back Road
    Kathleen Morton has been living a tiny life for several years now. She has seen a number of living situations in that time. But now she has found her own rhythm in her van conversion and she has exited the turnpike in favor of the back roads.
  4. The Tiny House Appendix
    Andrew Morrison has been at the forefront of code change for some time now. They say behind every man is a better woman. Here is one woman's take on the victories of her husband and their team!
  5. Tiny Harbor Cottage
    A 400 square foot floating home built in Somerset, Kentucky.