Issue 64 - Tiny House Magazine

Issue 64

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  1. Big Apple Pie
    Tiny house boat dweller Tiffany Butler adds her wit and wisdom to baking the perfect pie in a small space!
  2. The World Is My Living Room
    Donít you feel isolated in such a small house? Itís a question author Laura LaVoie has been asked repeatedly.
  3. Welcome To Planet Earth
    Everything is bigger in Texas, right? Not these tiny houses!
  4. Perfectly Imperfect
    Sarah Hine and her husband George were just crossing the country. Things changed when they hitched up a 24í long tiny house on wheels though!
  5. Old Denver City Bus Transformed as Young Familyís Comfy Home
    Facing an unaffordable housing market, Scott and Emily bought a retired Denver city bus at auction and rebuilt it as a spacious home for themselves and their children.