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Issue 65

Tiny House Magazine Issue 65

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  1. What Makes You Feel At Home?
    Is building a tiny house synonymous with happily ever after? What if you decide it doesn't feel much like home after all?
  2. In Theory. In Life. On Youtube.
    What fascinates us so much about YouTube video tours? What is the formula?
  3. The Pet Friendly Tiny House
    Can you live in a tiny house and still have pets? Regular contributor Laura M. LaVoie thinks so.
  4. Minimum Living/Maximum Life
    What does the word minimalist mean to you? Is it about size? Design? Less clutter? Or is it about more freedom, more money, and more time?
  5. Middle-Aged Minimalism And Finding Habitats For Humanity
    Let us not confuse small houses with tiny houses, which are mobile tiny houses on wheels (THOWs) rolling down the highway. THOWs are considered an RV, in order to get licensed and insured.