Issue 67 - Tiny House Magazine

Issue 67

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  1. Tiny Houses Are [Baby] Booming
    Who would have though that tiny houses on wheels, small cottages, tiny houses, and other non-traditional homes would eventually become the future of homemaking for Baby Boomers?
  2. Stationary Vs. THOW
    Explore the difference between going tiny as a stationary solution or as a mobile one. Author Brynn Burger administers tips for helping you decide.
  3. Tiny House 2.0: Tech Talk
    Tech expert and technology fan Mario Soto talks about the technology he had in his first tiny house and what technologies he will be installing in his new tiny house on wheels!
  4. How to Handle Sentimental Clutter
    Many people, when they first hear about minimalism, or as they begin their own personal journey towards it, typically run into this question: What do I do with the sentimental things I've collected over the years?
  5. Tiny Living Is The Worst! Don't Do It.
    But there is always more to the story than anyone can see on the outside. Why are we leaving our tiny home behind? What are we doing now?