Issue 68 - Tiny House Magazine

Issue 68

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  1. Lessons We've Learned
    The founders of Tiny House Expedition the most traveled tiny house in the nation talk about a few things they have learned while traveling across the country!
  2. Herein Lies The Problem
    Ph.D. candidate Maria Saxton offers a view on just how much tiny houses save on ecological footprint via a volunteer survey.
  3. It's Longer Than My Tiny House
    Regular contributor Lora Freeman writes about her family's new (and more traditional) RV.
  4. How To Declutter Large, Overwhelming Spaces
    These larger, more overwhelming spaces can present unique challenges. But countless people have found victory over them, and so can you.
  5. House Of Style
    Feast your eyes on this beautiful tiny house cabin. Designer Jorie Burns shows us some incredible design ideas for a small space.