Issue 70 - Tiny House Magazine

Issue 70

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  1. It Started With A Fruitless Google Search
    Founder of Search Tiny House Villages, Jill Kanto, talks about how the site came about and what it currently offers tiny housers.
  2. Simple. Affordable. Community.
    Acony Bell Tiny House Village in the mountains of North Carolina is filling up quickly and they are offering some of the most inviting spots for tiny houses.
  3. An Outsider's Look In
    How can a visit to a liveaboard boat evoke so much warm nostalgia? Author Annalise Grey talks about the one thing tiny houses do best: create friendships.
  4. How to Craft A Life You Don't Need to Escape From
    Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don't need to escape from.
  5. Crystal Peak Lookout Getaway
    Visit the off-grid wilderness of Idaho as Tiny House Magazine Editor Kent Griswold takes a trip to Kristie Wolfe's Crystal Peak Lookout.