Issue 71 - Tiny House Magazine

Issue 71

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  1. It�s An Investment
    Why are you purchasing a tiny house? Is it for economic freedom? Will it really give you a financial leg up or are there other obstacles that need to be adjusted?
  2. Learning When To Let Go
    Letting go of sentimental items can bring up a lot of emotional pain and cause a lot of inner conflict. It can also bring liberty and even expose you to new methods of being organized.
  3. Small Homes, Small Impact?
    Author and grad student Maria Saxton brings her four part series on the true impact of tiny living to a close.
  4. Sol Searching
    The brand new design from inTech RV redefines the tiny trailer. The Sol camper not only has everything you need for mobile living, but accomplishes the deed with style.
  5. The Light At The End Of The Tunnel
    Anxiety. Just the thought of the word can break one out in a cold sweat. Add to it the holiday season and you have a recipe for meltdown. Learn to beat the anxiety and cruise peacefully through the holiday season.