Issue 72 - Tiny House Magazine

Issue 72

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  1. Needful Things
    There is lots of talk about what makes tiny house living easier. But has anyone really gone through the absolute essentials? Has anyone made a list to save you time and torment? Tiffany Bee has.
  2. Big Taste, Small Cooking
    Nothing says Happy Holidays quite like a simmering cider. Chef and tiny houser Carmen Shenk recalls a time when her Christmas concoction raised spirits and voices!
  3. Clear Expectations
    Brynn Burger talks about how she lays out the expectations for the holidays for her family and especially her children. HINT: It doesn�t involve just getting gifts.
  4. Holidays In The Tiny House
    Laura M. LaVoie has been living tiny for a number of years and each year she gets smarter about how to live large without suffering or sacrificing. This month she talks about how to celebrate the holidays and not overcrowd your tiny house.
  5. Outdoorsy Micro Business
    Downsizing into a smaller, more manageable life not only frees up time. It creates a new world of business connections. Much like Airbnb and HomeAway, the peer-to-peer RV sharing service, Outdoorsy, has opened up another opportunity for RV, camper van and trailer owners to make money from their rigs.