Issue 73 - Tiny House Magazine

Issue 73

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  1. Do People Actually Live In Tiny Houses?
    They are cute. They are charming. There are tiny house shows all over TV. Almost everyone has heard of them, but does anyone actually live in a tiny house?
  2. Horse Chow. Hors d�oeuvres. And Horse Pucky.
    Serve hot with a plate of cheese, crackers, fruit slices, and a few squares of a high quality chocolate to share. Pour a glass of wine and your favorite movie or a card game of Rook, Dutch Blitz, or Canasta.
  3. A New Year of Reflecting
    Moving into a new year brings the excitement of lofty goals, fiery resolutions, and thoughtful intentions. As we come into January we bring expectations with us.
  4. The Tiny House World: State of the Union
    2018 was a great year for the expanding presence of tiny homes. With much momentum, renewed vigor, and a unified sense of purpose, the organic Tiny House Movement branches out as a bona fide industry in 2019.
  5. The Future Of The Tiny House Movement
    Many people will tell you the tiny house movement is just a fad that eventually people will get sick of their small space and come to their senses. But, is this true? Is this something we will laugh at in 20 years, or is it going to stand the test of time?