Issue 74 - Tiny House Magazine

Issue 74

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  1. Create Your Oasis
    Author and Speaker Brenda Mason talks about her DOWNSIZING31 course and the guidelines you should adhere to to really create that Oasis Life.
  2. How To Stay In Love�Even In A Tiny House
    Laura LaVoie is back this month sharing ideas on how to stay in love even in a tiny house. She and her partner Matt have been together for 21 years and are still dating each other each and every day!
  3. Tiny House With A View
    Tiny homeowners with a pet or two are rather commonplace. But to have multiple dogs, raise dogs, shelter dogs, and train dogs, all within a tiny house on wheels, is something only contributing writer Samantha Lainer truly understands.
  4. Big Dog Tiny House
    Regular contributor Tiffany Bee discusses life on a boat and living in a tiny space with Sylvie the Australian Cattle Dog.
  5. A Kondo Community
    What does it really mean to embrace community? Ashley Sutterfield explores what it means and how she maybe wasn't quite ready for all it brought with it!