Issue 75 - Tiny House Magazine

Issue 75

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  1. 5 Natural Benefits To Spending More Time Outside Your Tiny
    Author Brynn Burger lists five great reasons you should get out of the [tiny] house and out into the world!
  2. A Fresh Coat Of Paint
    Longtime contributor Laura M. LaVoie and her partner Matt are preparing to move back to their 120 square foot tiny house just outside of Asheville. A fresh start deserves a fresh coat of paint.
  3. Don’t Wait For Tomorrow
    Your happiness comes from within. Being real, mindful, intentional, and getting back to your true inner desires will allow you to be happy in your tiny house.
  4. Ecological Footprints
    Maria Saxton, Ph.D. candidate at Virginia Tech, recently completed a study that measured the environmental impacts of tiny home downsizers. Check out her key findings. To learn more about this study and findings, look out for her article in next month's issue!
  5. The Dark Side
    There are two sides to every coin and both are equally important to discuss if you want to see and hear the authentic aspects of living the tiny house lifestyle.