Issue 76 - Tiny House Magazine

Issue 76

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  1. A Fresh Coat Of Paint
    Longtime contributor Laura M. LaVoie and her partner Matt are preparing to move back to their 120 square foot tiny house just outside of Asheville. A fresh start deserves a fresh coat of paint.
  2. Appendix Q
    The final chapter (for now) of Thom Stanton's experience preparing the addition of tiny house to the IRC.
  3. Got Land?
    New York based company, Tentrr, offers landowners a chance to set up a small part of their land to people interested in experiencing the outdoors in a private setting.
  4. The Overlander Project
    Denise Hunt and her husband set out to renovate their 1957 Airstream Overlander having never tackled such a project before. Will they succeed?
  5. Tow-Tally (Not) Fun
    Tiny house builder Chris Schapdick has towed numerous tiny houses in his professional career. This is why he feels qualified warning people of the actual mobility and practical mobility of the tiny house on wheels.