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Issue 77

Tiny House Magazine Issue 77

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  1. 7 Lessons Living Small Taught Our Family
    South Carolina author Rachel Rowell shares with readers the lessons her young family learned when they lived in a 5th wheel on the road.
  2. American Dream Or My Dream
    Regular contributor and author Brenda Mason has had it all; the American Dream. But later in life she chose to follow her own dream(s).
  3. 10 Ways to Lower Your Life�s Fixed Costs
    In accounting terms, a company's expense budget is comprised of two types of expenses: fixed costs and variable costs. Household budgets hold the same reality. They are comprised of two types of expenses: fixed and variable. Our mortgage payment, for example, does not change from one month to another (fixed), but the exact amount of money spent on clothing or ice cream varies wildly from one month to another (variable).
  4. McMaker Studios
    Taking a break from her normal prose, sailboat dweller and author Tiffany Bee meets up and interviews the team at McMaker Studios who have made an art form of salvaging and creating.
  5. Things They Don't Tell You
    Where will I get fresh water? How do I use the bathroom? Where will I work? Living tiny and especially off-grid can sometimes be more glamorous than it is. There are things one should prepare for that they just don't tell you about living tiny!