Issue 80 - Tiny House Magazine

Issue 80

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  1. Building Passion
    Long-time tiny houser Shorty Robbins is taking on a new role as author as she tells her unique story of going tiny. This month she shares an excerpt of her forthcoming book.
  2. Home Diagnosis
    Intelligent and energy efficient home experts Corbett and Grace Lunsford open up about their time as tiny housers and their future life in a bigger yet equally efficient family home.
  3. The Made Free Co.
    Jon and Alex Steltzer met in college, fell in love, lived life in a traditional home, and quickly converted to a tiny home lifestyle. Find out what they're doing now!
  4. Tiny Rentals. Big Returns
    Congrats on making the decision to swing those micro doors open and invite overnight guests into your tiny space! Clearly, you are privy to the financial rewards of nightly hosting on sites like Airbnb, but providing accommodations to nightly guests (aka strangers) for the first time also comes with a bit of a learning curve.
  5. Hoarding
    For the first couple years that I was speaking and promoting at tiny house events, I was introduced as a full time tiny houser. That kind of made me squirm. Because I wasn't; because of The Hoarde.